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that matters:

Safe1, Effective1, Green2-4

Clearum™ high flux Steam Sterilized (HS) Dialyzers are standard hemodialysis dialyzers, biocompatible, and provide adequate balance between diffusion and convection in HD, HF and HDF1,5,6.

Demonstrated usability among machines on the market7.


BPA Free8
avoids additional protein-bound toxins difficult to filter9

Steam Sterilized

improves hemocompatibility10‑13


Effective blood purification

without critical protein loss1, 5, 6

Based on the
Sieving Coefficient

retains essential nutrients and proteins1, 5, 6


Made of Polypropylene14
reduces carbon footprint by 60%2

Steam Sterilized

avoids releasing ozone material into the environment4

Performance Information5,6,13*


a In vitro clearance: QB – 300 mL/min, QF – 10 mL/min, QD – 500 mL/min
b UF coefficient: QB – 300 mL/min, bovine blood Hct – 32 ± 3 %, protein – 60 ± 5 g/l

c UF coefficient: QB – 300 ml/min, bovine blood Hct – 32 ± 3 %, protein – 60 ± 5 g/l
d Experimental values according to IFU

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* The measurements in the charts above are taken in accordance with EN ISO 8637-1. The values indicated are to be considered approximate and may vary due to measurement methods, inherent variations of the membrane, manufacturing and storage conditions. During the treatment, performance on the individual patient may vary due to variable clinical parameters of the patient.