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Carpediem Cardio Renal Pediatric Dialysis Emergency Machine

A dialysis system designed specifically for pediatric patients with acute kidney injury (AKI), fluid overload (FO) and/or electrolyte disorders.

The CRRT platform designed with the precision essential for tiny patients.​

When it comes to babies, the tiniest details matter. The Carpediem™ system was specifically designed to improve hemodynamic stability compared to adult machines for treating pediatric patients weighing 2,5 kg or more.1 It’s the first extracorporeal CRRT platform fine-tuned to help you deliver the specialised care your most fragile patients need.

A miniaturized, high-precision platform.1,2

For the most fragile patients.

The Carpediem™ system offers a dedicated extracorporeal CRRT to low-weight patients and responds to the needs of the most fragile patient.

  • CVVH, CVVHD, and SCUF modalities
  • Low priming volume and pump flow
  • High-precision scales
  • Continuous or bolus heparin pump delivery

When size and scale matter.​

Neonatal AKI and FO are under-recognized conditions which often lead to morbidity and mortality.3

Carpediem™ system


neonate survival rate upon discontinuation of treatment.4,†

Tailored performance. Precise control.

  • Clinical data demonstrates a 97% survival rate at end of treatment4,†
  • Closely monitor fluid balance:
    +/- 1 g high-precision scales2
  • Enable use of small catheter sizes5
  • Reduce blood cell and vessel damage while providing necessary and adequate diffusive clearances: 2–50 mL/min low blood flow rates1,2,6

A renewed focus on what is most important.​

For the first time, there is no need to adapt adult machines and weigh the complexities that have traditionally plagued pCRRT treatments.7

Carpediem system details

  1. IV pole holder
  2. Warning light
  3. Control panel
  4. Clip for effluent (EFF) pump segment
  5. Effluent (EFF) scale
  6. Infusion/dialysis (INF/DIA) scale
  7. Venous pressure transducer (dome)
  8. Effluent (EFF) pump
  9. Heparin pump
  10. Filter holder
  11. Venous drip chamber holder
  12. Clip for the infusion/dialysis (INF/DIA) pump segment
  13. Blood leakage detector (BLD)
  14. Air sensor
  15. Infusion/dialysis (INF/DIA) pump
  16. Blood pump
  17. Arterial pressure transducer (dome)
  18. Pre-filter pressure transducer (dome)
  19. Venous electroclamp
  20. Clip for infusion/dialysis (INF/DIA) line if a warmer is used
  21. Clip for venous line
  22. Warmer holder

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†50% Carpediem™ system patients survived to ICU discharge. Mortality after pCRRT discontinuation due to critical illness with underlying pathologies – many not amenable to treatment.4

The Carpediem™ Machine is an active, non-invasive, class IIb medical device CE0123.

The Carpediem Preassembled device is a non-active, non-invasive, class IIb medical device CE0123.

The Carpediem Preassembled devices are included in the Carpediem Procedure Packs.

MD043–HMB 32 Haemofiltration and dialysis solution is a non-active, non-invasive, class IIb medical device CE0123.

BW 685 warmer is a medical device manufactured by Biegler GmbH.

BD Plastipak syringe is a medical device manufactured by Becton Dickinson S.A.

Please refer to the devices and procedure pack Instructions for Use for complete instructions, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

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Carpediem Cardio Renal Pediatric Dialysis Emergency Machine™ (Carpediem™ system)
 Biegler™* warmer (BW685)
Disposables, consumables and accessories
BL 250 Preassembled device for hemofiltration 0075 for Carpediem™ system
BL 250 Preassembled device for hemofiltration/hemodialysis kit 015 for Carpediem™ system
BL 250 Preassembled device for hemofiltration/hemodialysis kit 025 for Carpediem™ system
HMB32 bicompartmental bag – 500 mL + 1500 mL
3L non-sterile waste bags
Biegler™ Warmer tubing - extension set 46000