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Ritus Peritoneal Dialysis Tunneling Tool Kit

For patients who are future peritoneal dialysis treatment candidates, the Ritus™ tunneling tool kit provides instrumentation for allowing the operator to temporarily bury the external portion of a PD catheter in advance of dialysis.

Explore options for proactive peritoneal dialysis catheter placement ​

Enable the external portion of a peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter to be temporarily buried within subcutaneous abdominal tissue — in advance of needing peritoneal dialysis therapy.

Ritus Tunneling Tool Kit information

PD catheter insertion tool details

The Ritus™ tunneling tool kit includes:

  • Stainless steel tunneling device (14.6 in / 36.3 cm overall length)
  • Removable plastic cap — for catheter attachment to pull through the tunnel track
  • Titanium catheter plug (.18 in / 4.6 mm OD) — to seal the catheter end

Explore step-by-step embedding technique​

See instruction on how to embed a PD catheter using the Ritus™ peritoneal dialysis tunneling tool kit.

Explore compatible peritoneal dialysis catheter options​

View a variety of PD catheter configurations for patient customization, convenience, and dependability.

Reimbursement resources​

Comprehensive peritoneal dialysis insertion and therapy reimbursement resources to help sort through the complexities of processing certain procedures with CPT and HCPCS codes.

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Ritus™ tunneling tool kit