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Dialysis Access and Maintenance

Hear best practices on Palindrome™ Precision chronic catheters, Argyle™* fistula cannula, and Chameleon™ PTA Balloon catheter.

Palindrome™ Precision Chronic Catheters Insertion

Review the step-by-step insertion procedure for Palindrome™ Precision chronic catheters.

Palindrome™ Precision Chronic Catheters Tip Placement

See how to optimize tip placement of the Palindrome™ Precision chronic catheters to achieve maximum flow during dialysis sessions.

Palindrome™ Precision Chronic Catheters

Dr. D’Ascenzo shares how important tip placement of hemodialysis catheters is to reach optimal dialysis outcomes, and how Palindrome™ Precision chronic catheters can help achieve that. Originally presented at ERA 2022.

Argyle™* Fistula Cannula eLearning

Review the cannulation procedure for accessing AVFs and AVGs using the Argyle™* fistula cannula.

Chameleon™ PTA Balloon Catheter

Watch Dr. Ari Kramer share his experience optimizing AV fistula maintenance with the Chameleon™ PTA Balloon catheter. Originally presented at VAS 2021.

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