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Guidance, technique and instruction ensures healthcare providers have the tools to use our kidney health solutions with confidence — enabling strong clinical outcomes.

Peritoneal Dialysis Product Use Learning

How to select, use and insert a PD catheter

Explore self-guided online learning, details about our live programs, and step-by-step video instruction on peritoneal dialysis catheter procedural insertion.

PTA Clinical Case Study

Dialysis access maintenance

Evaluate a broad spectrum of case review, novel technique demonstration, and clinical studies to support angioplasty with combined PTA and injection using the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter.

PTA Procedural Comparison Study

Published efficiencies clinical outcomes data

Review the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter procedural study from the Journal of Vascular Access.

Novel Thrombectomy Technique Study

PTA ease of use evidence

Learn about a novel thrombectomy technique using the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter to perform imaging, thrombectomy, and angioplasty.

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