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Chameleon PTA Balloon Catheter Clinical Cases

A review of clinical cases to support angioplasty for dialysis access using the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter.

Next-gen dialysis access maintenance applications

Usability of integrated injection and targeted exit modalities

Physicians use the combined PTA and injection capabilities successfully in a variety of dialysis access maintenance procedures.

A high pressure PTA balloon with an integrated diagnostic third port, the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter allows for diverse applications — providing unique procedural capabilities and best-in-class targeted imaging.

Balloon assisted maturation (BAM)

Supporting AV fistula creation and access using integrated injection modality for simultaneous imaging and balloon inflation.


Ari Kramer, M.D., reviews the progression of Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter adoption for declot and case experiences in his practice at Spartanburg Hospital.

Miller banding

See how physicians use the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter to perform the Miller banding procedure and regain fistula and distal arterial flow.

Fibrin sheath disruption

Explore the ways physicians use the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter for paired fibrin sheath diagnosis, angioplasty, and results verification with one device.

Central vein stenosis

Review how physicians use the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter for targeted imaging paired with direct angioplasty to address the challenging location of central venous stenosis.


Explore how physicians utilize targeted imaging and combined inflation “against the flow.”

Hands free venous reflux angiography

View cases utilizing combined occlusion and targeted injection of contrast for hands-free reflux angiography.

Procedural comparison study

Review a PTA balloon catheter comparison study from the Journal of Vascular Access.

Novel thrombectomy technique study

Learn about a novel thrombectomy technique using the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter to perform imaging, thrombectomy, and angioplasty.

Explore PTA balloon catheter options

Learn more about the unique features of the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter.

Resource library

Access the full dialysis access resource library of tools to support your knowledge of novel PTA balloon usability.


Explore tools and guidelines to help your staff optimize the process of procedural CPT and HCPCS code selection.

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