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Session 4: Percutaneous Peritoneal Dialysis Outcomes and Conclusions

5 minutes

Evaluate percutaneous peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter placement study outcomes — identifying situational technique advantages and disadvantages.

A recorded webinar with Micah Chan, M.D.

PD Session 4 Highlights

How performing percutaneous PD catheter insertion offers unique benefits to the patient and surgeon.
  • Identify limitations and potential solutions to surgical options
  • Evaluate visualization methods during a percutaneous procedure
  • Explore percutaneous technique outcomes, including results from two studies evaluating the percutaneous PD catheter insertion method
Session length: 5 minutes Note: This session is a portion of a discussion on PD percutaneous insertion techniques, urgent start and acute PD. Click here to see the full 1-hour video from Dr. Chan.
Micah Chan, M.D.
Why peritoneal dialysis?

“I feel that the rates of peritoneal dialysis are increasing. The new NKF-KDOQI guidelines came out really pushing for peritoneal dialysis, i.e., home dialysis, and the training incentive that CMS has placed on it. One of the big ways to increase peritoneal dialysis is for interventionalists to do it [catheter insertion]. Many colleagues and people that I know across the country are asking about training and placing PD catheters, because nephrologists are referring more and more to interventional radiology.“

Professor of Medicine, Clinical Chief, Director of Interventional Nephrology
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI

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