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Miller Banding Case Study

Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter

See how physicians use the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter to perform the Miller banding procedure and regain fistula and distal arterial flow.

Addressing arteriovenous (AV) fistula maintenance

How to maintain wire access for guided banding

The Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter’s combination PTA and diagnostic abilities allows use of the balloon as a sizing guide. After tying the suture around the fistula, immediately obtaining feedback via the integrated contrast injection port enables the operator to maintain access while banding the access to the guided size.


Procedural multi-point blood flow evaluation

With Ari Kramer, M.D.

Step-by-step Miller banding procedural case review using the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter:

  • Patient with brachial cephalic fistula
  • High-grade steal; no antegrade flow / no blood flow to the hand


Use of the Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter’s integrated injection port to inject contrast for initial diagnostic imaging of the distal artery.


The Chameleon™ PTA balloon catheter passes into the arterial tree. Contrast injected for pre-banding, antegrade diagnostic imaging.


With the balloon inflated, the point of lesion occludes. Band is created around the balloon and the banding area is immediately reimaged with targeted contrast injection.


The balloon is reduced and passed back into the brachial artery. Contrast is injected for final diagnostic imaging confirmation of fistula and distal artery flow.

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